COVID-19’s Effect on the Web Conference

  • 4/20/21, 1:57 PM
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Without web conferencing, many industries would be completely paralyzed during the pandemic, including education and international business.

However, due to widespread computer access and high-speed internet connections, businesses and educational institutions can continue being productive through these challenging times.

If you weren’t familiar with web conferencing platforms before the pandemic, I bet you know all about them now.

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has many more people working from home than ever before, leading companies to use web conferencing as their primary means of communication between employees. And with much of the world on lockdown with social distancing measures in place, even spending time with family and friends is now largely restricted to video calls. From children’s birthday parties to high-stakes business meetings, web conferencing and video call platforms are now commonplace for virtually everyone.

Web conferencing was on the rise even before the coronavirus pandemic. According to a Valuates report, web conferencing has an estimated worth of $12.5 billion and is expected to hit $19 billion by 2025.

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