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  • 5/31/20, 3:39 PM
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Veria Info Tech has been established in 2020 with a big idea and great aspiration in order to bring IT solutions and well IT products for every one of human or business demands. We do believe our Veria will pave the way for those kinds of people who come to this conclusion that IT will be the best friend for them and future trades.

we are working on every IT solution and IT-based products due to make an easier life and improve the quality of responding, it means that we know how important is the time. By taking advantage of the technical backgrounds which makes us capable of acting like a great advisor, market consultant, or technical IT engineer. Our IT engineering team has more than 10 years of experience in this field with an acceptable resume which consists of software developers, programmers, financial managers, and market advisors. We know how to planning, writing the business plan, programming the ideas into IT outcomes, protecting the capital of investors, and finally according to the great combination of them, all the parties will encounter with its goals.

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