Online education is a new way to design, develop, offer, and evaluate education that uses electronic capabilities and facilities to aid learning. E-learning has attracted the attention of many teachers and educational institutions today and is one of the most basic and popular topics and uses on the Internet.

The online education system consists of two parts: interactive and non-interactive education. It is held online and the instructor teaches online in the classroom and the students are present in the classroom online and can interact with the teacher according to the class situation and the accesses set up in the classroom. In non-interactive mode, the video will be pre-recorded or broadcast live for a large number of students, which can be a single session or multiple sessions depending on the type of class.

With the LMS system, all the educational activities of the organization can be done online. This has many advantages, including:

  • There is no need for all participants to be physically present in one place.
  • For large organizations that have branches throughout Iran, a single training program can be implemented.
  • Students of the cities can use the same quality and the same class held in Tehran.
  • Teacher and learners' time for traveling and attending class is not wasted.
  • It is possible to correct homework and score online.
  • Many resources can be exchanged between professors and students via the Internet.