Location-based service (LBS) is a software-level service that uses geolocation data to control certain software features. In fact, LBS is an information service that today has various uses as geographic location information - both for entertainment and security purposes - on social networks used in mobile phones and through the mobile network.

Location-based service applications:

  • Offer social events in the city
  • Request the nearest business or service such as ATMs, restaurants, and…
  • Winding routing to any address
  • Auxiliary health care systems
  • Find people on the map displayed on the phone
  • Receive alerts such as discount notifications from a store near you or severe traffic alerts
  • Location-based ads on mobiles
  • Retrieve drives in combination with active RF, for example, to find stolen goods in containers for which GPS does not work
  • Conceptualize learning and research
  • Games in which your position is part of the game process, for example, your movements during the day cause your avatar to move in the game, and your position opens certain content.