The figures prove that the use of specialized software on the web and more importantly the mobile platform is increasing day by day. Of course, in such a world, having a website or mobile application is a prerequisite for the survival of many businesses. The role of mobile applications in earning instant revenue, continuous communication with customers, and expanding business horizons, has paved the way for the needs of app makers in the technology community.

Veria IT Company is specialized in the field of producing smart software and software as a service (SaaS), under the infrastructure of web and mobile, Veria starts ideas, designs, and then produces a software and according to your needs, provides the software on the web or mobile platform by reviewing the request, the current process of your business and your requirements to start a new business and then updates and maintains its product.
Development of the online system, from mobile application design to site design, is done by the Veria IT team in 3 main steps:

Phase 1; Prior to project implementation

The design process of any online system starts with a basic idea. The idea of ​​designing a mobile application or website design is usually created in response to an obvious need in the market or creating a new space. As the idea approaches implementation, one must weigh the feasibility, specificity, tangible competitive advantage, value proposition, and community need for the idea. In the next step, the idea is feasible and the necessary requirements for its development and implementation are extracted.

Required Documentary | Request a proposal or RFP form
Requirement documentation or RFP form is the foundation of a successful software project. Setting a precise and standard RFP for project implementation, finding the development process, system architecture, estimating the project dimensions, expanding the system, and estimating the final cost is very important. This documentary includes demands and needs, user scenarios, requested features, and expected features. Veria's technical team, marketing, and business consultants citing the compiled RFP adjust the employer's requirements in the form of a technical proposal that will be an appendix to the system development contract.
Providing initial cost and time estimation
At this point, you will receive a time around for the final delivery of the project as well as the price range of product design and development after a few meetings with the technical and marketing teams of Veria.

Proposal Presentation
The mobile application and website design proposal is set up on the basis of RFP. Proposals have been developed exclusively after a thorough analysis of customers' demands and needs, and for web and application solutions, it monitors the details of the project and also is different for each business.

Phase 2; Project development and implementation

  • System design sections generally include the following components:
  • Visual identity design of the system
  • Development of basic system infrastructure
  • Develop a release plan according to schedule
  • Phase to phase delivery of subsystems
  • Provide the final version of the system

Phase 3; Post-run support

Veria enters the support phase and continuous improvement of the product after the completion of the development of the online system.
We remain committed to our work.

System support contract
Upon completion of the application and website development team, the support team will join the project. This team is responsible for the continuous improvement of the software project, commercial bug fixes, technical bug fixes, and technical management of the system.

Delivery of project source code
The source code of the project will be provided if the employer prefers, after the official procedures under the contract. Due to the fact that the product is migrating from one system to another, the classified and technical documents are delivered to the customer along with the finalized version of the system.

Support Services
The end of the software project does not mean the end of Veria's relationship with your business. Improvement processes are carried out continuously in order to maintain users' satisfaction. The software product receives management panels and the necessary support from the mobile application to the website. And at the discretion of the employer, Vera will be responsible for training forces to support the system and Introduces new updates in frameworks, executive algorithms and technical technologies to optimize and updates the designed online system.