Veria InfoTech provides setups for office and home computers, as well as specialized gaming and rendering computers, and supply a variety of laptops, all-in-one computers, and computer parts and accessories such as keyboard, printers and components such as RAM, hard drives, and graphics cards.
Our group effort is based on creating a safe shopping environment and prepare the product to deliver to you in the shortest time and you do not need to worry about variable market prices.
Another goal of the Veria team is to provide network equipment, including:

  • Server and its components including, cpu, hard drive, network card and…
  • Routers, switches, cables and modules
  • Server racks

These servers are provided by HPE, CISCO and other most up-to-date and reputable brands in the world in both new and second-hand cases. Other network equipment (network cables, switches, routers, modems, etc.) are provided as Passive & Active by Dlink, Tenda, Asus, IPcom. Also, Negzen, Legrand, Leoni, Mikrotik, Kionp equipment are among the goods that can be offered by this company.
In addition to the above, equipment related to the meeting room, CCTV cameras, audio and video systems and studio equipment can be provided.