Live video chat software produced by various companies such as Skype, Zoom, etc. are general software that supports up to 10 people. Live and VOD software, meanwhile, give you the ability to stream live applications to a wide range of users at the same time. Another feature of this system is that the user can publish these live images on their web pages without the need to install a special program on their website. You can also use Live and VOD with a range of simple and advanced equipment such as telephones. Use mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers, or digital hardware converters and editing desks.

Vera Information Technology offers Live Streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) services using its proprietary PaaS platform, with the most up-to-date hardware and software, and in the most secure form possible. For millions of viewers around the world, live on the Internet.

Our Live and VOD services are provided on a program (project), monthly, or lifetime basis.

  • Live Streaming Applications
  • Live Streaming of conferences
  • Live streaming of TV channels
  • Live streaming of seminars, conferences, and symposia
  • Live streaming of workshops
  • Webinars and distance learning classes
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Live streaming of places such as kindergartens, universities, factories, warehouses, and…
  • Live streaming of ceremonies, celebrations, memorials, religious delegations, and…
  • Live streaming and tourist places and launching a virtual tour
  • Launching video-driven websites for training and information
  • Archive of production programs and access to production


Live Streaming Protocols

RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol):
Is a protocol developed by Adobe, a subsidiary of Macromedia, for live streaming of audio and video. This protocol operates independently of the HTTP protocol and by default on port 1935, allowing uninterrupted playback for users. Most home TV display equipment, as well as most network players, including VLC and web players such as JWPlayer, can display video using this protocol.

RTSP (Real-time Streaming Protocol):
Another protocol for live audio and video. The most important difference between this protocol and RTMP is that this protocol works on the RTP platform and is also designed to allow end users to manage playback.

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming):
It is a production protocol of Apple. The most important feature of this protocol is the ability to play with several different qualities. Veria Information Technology Company can convert live broadcast content to any number of copies you want without interruption, with the possibility of determining the page size, sound quality and image quality. In this way, the end user can use the adaptive bitrate streaming feature. In this case, the user's instantaneous bandwidth is monitored and the best quality is displayed for him; and of course, it is also possible for the user to manually select the quality.

MPEG Dash (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP):


Other services

Playback after the program is over
Ability to display live internet streaming and playback of the program after completion for the desired period. You can also upload and display the mixed and assembled version exclusively on the server.


Secure service
Hardware, network, and software configuration based on security and full integration. Use of SSL data encryption protocols to establish a secure connection from the signal generation source to the server, as well as the possibility of providing live Internet broadcasting in a confidential and private manner or after authentication.

Insert banner ads
Show advertisement or introduction at the beginning of live internet broadcast in the form of video or photo banner. This allows you to generate revenue and introduce or sponsor the event. It is also possible to insert them in specific places on the screen (such as the bottom). Fixed-position banner ads allow you to promote your brand by owning a fixed position on top websites. In fact, you will be exposed to your customers in the showcase of the most visited websites in the country. Advertising formats are changing every day and video advertising is the newest and most effective type of advertising in the world today. Owning the largest video sharing platform in the country (Aparat) allows us to get closer to your target group, regardless of your type of business, and to convey your advertising message in the best way.

Online ticket sales
Pay-per-view (PPV) is one of the non-free TV services in which the customer can purchase the possibility of joining and watching the live internet program of his choice and watch it through private broadcasting. In this service, privacy and security are well predicted and observed.

What are the uses of the Veria live video streaming system?

Many activities, whether for free or for sale online, require this system directly. That is, establishing live video communication is one of the most important technical concerns of companies, organizations and even small businesses to be able to offer their services properly and attractively. Here are some of them:

Kindergartens and schools
One of the concerns of parents has always been to see their children while educating and growing up in kindergartens and schools, which in our country is almost still the case. For this purpose, the administrators of these educational centers can install CCTV cameras in specific places and provide the necessary access to parents on the website of the school or kindergarten to allow parents to visit the page at specific times or whenever they want. For live internet broadcasting, enter and watch your child while playing, reading, and other educational and scientific activities. This service can be provided free of charge by the director of educational institutions to the parents of the children of that school or it can be sold on an hourly basis.

Universities and educational classes
Some universities and even schools work remotely. In our country, this system can have many applications for them. University professors can teach remotely (in absentia) by holding live instructional classes by entering the page dedicated to that class on the school or university website.


Specialized and sub-specialized clinics
Some hospitals in the world, due to the lack of surgeons, perform their surgeries online by broadcasting live video images of the surgery and the participation of a specialist doctor remotely. The live internet broadcasting system makes it possible for the country's clinics to use the expertise of experienced doctors abroad or vice versa.

Commercial companies
Businesses with multiple offices around the world need joint meetings or coordination to discuss business issues. These meetings and conferences sometimes need to be held live or simultaneously. The live internet broadcasting system allows businesses to easily meet their needs.


Manufacturing companies and factories
Remote monitoring in manufacturing companies and factories has become a vital thing in today's world, but with existing tools such as the method of transferring single-frame images by IP-Cameras is not done very well and properly. This system implements this monitoring to the best possible quality for you.

Seminars, webinars, conferences, seminars, concerts and other events Organizers
Hundreds of conferences, seminars, webinars, concerts, celebrations, religious ceremonies, etc. are held annually in the country, which has a lot of fans, but due to the busy schedule or high costs of the company and physical presence cannot be used for many. You can attract a large number of people to your conference, seminar or concert online by selling tickets for this event or inviting visitors online at a lower cost, and this is due to its simplicity, cheapeners and time savings. It can attract a lot of fans.

Security and protection companies
These types of companies can view their security cameras online with good quality and good speed.


Personal use
Some people, for many reasons, such as maintaining security, more monitoring, etc., tend to remotely view their workplace, home, villa, etc. whenever they want and with high accuracy and appropriate quality. These people can use this system to achieve their goals.