Website Design Service
Website design in today's competitive market is the most important need to enter the online business world. Your website is like an online business card to introduce the brand that introduces users to your range of services and most importantly, you. Due to the fact that appearance, high security, proper speed, dynamic management, responsive design, and optimization for search engines are important priorities of professional site design. Veria IT Company designs your website pages using the most up-to-the-top IT method, in accordance with your specific activity and field of work, so that your website, which represents your company's professional position in the world, will gain its proper place in cyberspace.
Design in accordance with SEO principles with unique and excellent graphics is one of the features of Veria website design service.


Website Extensibility
A change in the market is as big as a change in the site!
Enterprise products and enterprise services are constantly changing in line with their market needs. Websites designed for such services should also be able to adapt to the pace of market change. In Veria, websites that are designed can be expandable at any time in accordance with your business needs.

Responsive design
We must be ready for any device!
Today's Internet users are not limited to the laptop screen. Sites must be able to display correctly and completely for users who use any of the iPad, tablet, laptop, and mobile devices. We design websites with high loading speed and full compatibility with all smart devices.


Personalized site design
Your business and your partner business are different!
Website design for any business, organization, or person should be done according to his tastes and needs. Your website is an online business card that should fully reflect the personality of your brand in the digital space. Similarly, website designed for companies provide comprehensive information about the company's products and activities according to the needs of companies, and store sites are an easy and safe portal for online shopping.


Visual identity in line with UI / UX principles
An eye-catching image for the user makes it more lasting!
Like a work of art, the website should have a proportionate layout. The user's good experience on every page of the website deepens his knowledge of business services and products. In Veria, we implement the appropriate visual identity in the form of the most beautiful UI, taking into account your taste, business needs, and the tastes of your customers. Also, we make the user experience possible with the latest UX principles in the best possible way, by considering the customer behavior on your website.


Website design based on SEO principles
The faster you reach the customer, the more you win!
Your website's position on the Google search page is a strength. The better your position in keywords and the more principled your site design, the more loyal your customers will be. SEO is not limited to placing keywords in the content of the site, and website programming, technical infrastructure management, and website map must be well implemented technical principles. At Veria, our developers subtly incorporate the latest Google algorithms into your website design.


Your website needs care like a child!
Freelance websites is priced lower, but usually, there is no product support in their package. As an online creature, the website needs support, expandability, and compliance with the latest rules of the online world. Keep in mind that price is not the most important factor in choosing a product, and the site is the first step to becoming a professional in the digital world. Problems that arise in hosting, domains, and technical sections of the site sometimes exceed the knowledge and time of business owners, in which case getting help from experts is the best choice. Modern support for our customers is permanent and in accordance with their needs.


What site is appropriate for your business and how much does a site design cost?

Choosing between ready-made site templates or custom site design is one of the biggest problems at the beginning of the entry of businesses entering the digital world. At this point, a careful examination of business needs, feasibility study in the business market, and attention to the performance of competitors can give the business a perspective to choose the best digital platform. In general, ready-made templates limit the development, expandability, and scalability of the website's future.
Designing a dedicated website that covers the range of a store website up to a taxi application or an internet magazine, if principles are carried out, will also be scalable and expanded based on future business needs. Also, when the website is developed without the limitations of ready-made templates, it is also possible to implement creative designs tailored to the visual identity of the business.
Price is one of the most important factors in choosing a software company for website design. Naturally, the price depends on different factors, and when website design is done exclusively, it is not possible to set a single fee for all websites.
Exploring all the factors involved in website development, from UI and UX to the back-end system and front-end development language, helps businesses understand the cost of website design. Veria IT Company is quite clear in providing details and factors influencing design costs when submitting proposals, which makes it easy for businesses to check and compare website design prices.
Website design is the first and most important step in the path of business digitization. Along the way, the costs show their lucrative investment in the long run when they're in line with higher quality access.